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System Requirement

LessonSketch is a web-based environment where you can view media, create content, and share your creations with other educators. To optimize LessonSketch's performance on your computer, please be sure that you have a high speed internet connection (DSL cable) that can download at least 768 kb/second and upload at least 384 kb/second. Please note that if you are connecting to LessonSketch from a shared public server with a small amount of bandwidth--in a coffee shop, for instance--some features of LessonSketch may run slowly or may not be available. You can further improve LessonSketch's performance by installing the most up-to-date version of your web browser (Google Chrome is preferred) and the most up-to-date version of Adobe Flash player if you don't use Google Chrome. If you continue to experience difficulties with LessonSketch, please report your trouble to: lessonsketchhelp@umich.edu.

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