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SMP Modules

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The SMP Modules are a set of eight online, practice-based modules designed to support teachers as they develop the capacity to help students learn to enact the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMPs) in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSS-M).

Product Description

Each of the eight SMP modules supports the learning of one of the Standards for Mathematical Practice and consists of 3 parts (of 20-40 min duration each). Built on theories of practice-based professional development, every module includes opportunities to engage with representations of instructional practice, collectively learn to notice critical moves for supporting the SMP within such representations, practice critical moves with their own students in their own classrooms, and ultimately share their practice with peers and facilitators in order to receive feedback for improvement.

The Lite version of the SMP Modules is designed to be affordable for individual purchasers. Teachers can start at any time and join into ongoing discussion forums.