LessonSketch Collections

LessonSketch Collections is a library of lessons represented in various media forms, such as videos, animations, and storyboards made with cartoon characters. There is a forum associated with each representation to allow for discussions of each lesson. Users also have the ability to upload their own storyboards (which they can create, using the Depict tool) to Collections to share and discuss them, either with a selected group of users or with the entire LessonSketch community.

LessonSketch Tools

LessonSketch includes a suite of interconnected software tools for creating interactive multimedia experiences.

Depict IconDepict is a storyboarding tool that allows users to represent classroom scenarios in cartoon form.

Plan IconPlan is a course- and questionnaire-authoring tool that allows educators and researchers to build screens for interactive multimedia Experiences.

Annotate IconAnnotate is a powerful media annotation tool that allows users to add comments and tags to pictures, video and audio clips, Depiction frames, and Experience screens.

Inscribe IconDepictions, Experiences and Annotations can all be enhanced with diagrams and other text created with the Inscribe tool.

EQscribe IconDepictions can also be enhanced with formulas created with the EQscribe tool.

Voice IconStoryboards and Annotations come to life with audio notes or voice tracks recorded with our Voice tool.

LessonSketch Experiences

LessonSketch Experiences include interactive multimedia course modules, assessments, and research instruments created by educators and researchers, and made available to LessonSketch users. These course modules can be designed so as to engage students in active learning with multimedia. For example, rather than merely watching videos, experiences may engage users in annotating videos, as well as other multimedia resources (e.g., storyboards), creating their own multimedia resources, sharing and discussing those artifacts in forums, and exploring computer-based simulations. Similarly, assessments can be designed to elicit professional knowledge and skills by inviting participants to complete interactive, multimedia-based scenarios and simulations. View Demos

LessonSketch Sharing

LessonSketch users can share multimedia resources with selected groups of other LessonSketch users. Experiences, items in Collections, and resources in folders can be shared by creating LessonSketch Groups with whom to share such items. LessonSketch’s Experience Manager can help share Experiences via LessonSketch or other platforms (including many learning management systems, such as Canvas). It also allows users to generate data reports that include users’ responses to questions, annotations of videos, and forum interactions.